Actions of air traffic controllers: 5 flights delayed at Charleroi; Brussels Airlines lost 4 million euros


Five flights were delayed Wednesday morning at Charleroi airport because of the action of air traffic controllers of Skeyes. Between 08:00 and 10:00, air traffic will be suspended there. An identical situation is expected this afternoon on the Antwerp tarmac.

Five planes expected to land on the Charleroi during these two hours were able to do it only after 10:00: W63081 from Bucharest, FR2976 from Bratislava, FR5462 from Madrid, FR8415 from Budapest, B2817 from Minsk.

The rest of the flights scheduled during the day in Charleroi do not seem, for the moment, to be concerned.

Skeyes, the public company in charge of air traffic control, has been facing a social dispute for several weeks after the ACV/CSC Christian union and the VSOA/CGSLB liberal union filed a strike notice on issues around the organisation and the workload.

After a meeting on Tuesday, a new meeting between management and unions is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Also at Antwerp Airport, but with no effect

Another strike action of the air traffic controllers will take place in the afternoon in Antwerp, Skeyes said. No aircraft can take off or land between 14:30 and 15:30. But no aircraft was in the planning anyway during this time slot!

A cost of 4 million euros for Brussels Airlines

Meanwhile, the actions of air traffic controllers have already cost 4 million euros to Brussels Airlines due to cancellations and multiple delays. The airline also says it fears for its “good” reputation. That’s why its CEO Christina Foerster calls on the parties involved in the conflict to break the deadlock in a letter sent to the management of Skeyes, the unions and the Belgian guild of air traffic controllers (BGATC).

In her letter, the CEO speaks of an “unsustainable situation” with serious consequences for the activities and results of Brussels Airlines. “The limits of reasonableness have long since exceeded. We are counting on the fact that the situation will be restored in the very near future,” she added.

Brussels Airlines does not take a stand for either side, we just want to find a solution to this social conflict as soon as possible,” said Maaike Andries, Brussels Airlines spokesperson.



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