Storm Fionn forces Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to completely shut down


Storm Fionn has forced Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to completely shut down, on twitter the airport published this message: “Status update due to severe weather conditions: all air traffic has been suspended until further notice.

A hard time for air traffic controllers, pilots, flight attendants and passengers as storm Fionn is producing winds of up to 120 km/hour. This morning three holding patterns around Schiphol airport were full with aircraft awaiting their turn for landing at the airport. Several aircraft have been diverted to surrounding airports (Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Groningen, Dusseldorf, Paris CDG, …). Brussels Airport “welcomed” most of those diverted flights.

Update: airport will slowly reopen again at 12:00 (UTC+1)



  1. They like to give storms a name as the people will not think about a severity if it’s just called a storm, but when it’s called e.g. storm David, people will take measures!


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