Amsterdam Schiphol sees record number of 230,000 passengers in one day

Never have so many people travelled via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in one day as today, with a total number of passenger upwards of 230,000. Schiphol saw 78,000 people depart, 71,000 people arrive and 81,000 people transfer. The previous record was set on 30 June 2017, when a little over 224,000 people travelled via Schiphol.

In total, 12.4 million passengers will fly via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol this summer. Together with its partners, Schiphol took many additional measures to ensure that everyone’s holiday went as smoothly as possible. The deployment of extra employees, including at Security Control, was the most important measure.

Positive effect

Currently, these actions are ensuring that passengers generally experience a smooth start to their journey. At the same time, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol remains on alert and passengers must take into consideration that at peak times they will have a longer waiting time than usual.

38,601 flights

So far, this summer holiday season has seen 38,601 flights with approximately 5.3 million passengers. The majority of aircraft departed for and came from the United Kingdom.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s summer approach

Specially for the summer holidays, three additional security lanes have been opened where passengers and hand baggage are checked, all security lanes in Departure Halls 1 and 2 are manned, flexible teams are present at all times to assist where necessary and additional employees are present in the terminal to give the passengers directions and answer their questions.

Small bags only

In addition, since 1 July, trials are being carried out with ‘small bags only’, which offers passengers with little or no hand baggage a separate entrance in the security lanes. From initial results, it appears that 15 to 20% more passengers can pass through these lanes in the same amount of time. After the summer holidays, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will make an extensive evaluation of these trials.


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