Military police intercepts duo driving around Amsterdam Schiphol with explosive materials

2020-10-25 05:42:09 HAARLEMMERMEER – ANP MICHEL VAN BERGEN – licence via BelgaImage

This morning, the Dutch police arrested two people at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport after explosive materials were found in their car.

The Dutch military police (Marechaussee) reports that it concerns a man and a woman. The police takes into account that the explosive material was intended for a smash-and-grab-job or a ram raid.

The suspects were driving around the airport when their car caught the attention of the police. They escorted them to a parking lot at Schiphol. Subsequently, the vehicle was searched by the bomb squad (Explosieven Opruimingsdienst Defensie or EOD).

The area was temporarily closed. A spokeswoman for the military police later said that the situation was under control.


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