KLM far from happy after decision of Amsterdam Airport to limit passengers


Amsterdam Airport will restrict the number of departing passengers until the end of this year. The biggest airport in The Netherlands is forced to take the drastic measure as the airport lacks sufficient security officers. As from this week, passengers had to wait for hours before they could enter the terminal building as security staffers massively quit their job to look for job opportunities elsewhere. KLM, the airport’s biggest operator is far from happy about the current situation.

In a press release (see below), the airport claims that security companies can’t deliver enough staff forcing them to further limit passenger number:

The security companies working at Schiphol, in the coming months, will supply fewer security guards than they previously indicated. As a result, Schiphol will have to lower the maximum number of locally departing passengers per day by an average of 18% (9250). This additional reduction will be up to at least 31 October. The effects of it will become visible over the next two weeks. Schiphol expects to apply limitations to the daily number of passengers at least until the end of the year. 

“This decision first and foremost is bad news for passengers and for airlines,” says COO Hanne Buis of Royal Schiphol Group. “I am fully aware of that. Nevertheless, the decision taken is necessary with the safety of passengers and employees in mind. Everyone who works at Schiphol doing their utmost to ensure that each and every passenger journey is as pleasant as possible. I appreciate that. I am incredibly proud of that.”

Schiphol calls upon security companies to offer full-fledged schedules for security guards. Buis: “It is clear that structural improvements are needed. In line with the Social Agreement. This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Up until now, a maximum of 67,500 locally departing travelers per day applied for September and 69,500 for October. The new maximum will be 54,500 per day in September and 57,000 per day in October. The goal of setting a maximum is to ensure traveler and employee safety and to create a reliable process at the airport. Based on the capacity made available by Schiphol, the independent slot coordinator (ACNL) will consult with all airlines to achieve the necessary capacity reduction.

Response KLM to new Schiphol measures

Schiphol has again announced that it will be introducing further restrictions on the number of departing passengers until October 31. It’s disappointing to ascertain that Schiphol will again be adopting these measures at such short notice. The measures will have far-reaching consequences for our passengers, colleagues and the national and international reputation of Schiphol and therefore KLM.

KLM is currently assessing what the consequences of the new restrictions will be. Expectations are that there will be more clarity about this within a number of days. KLM will make every effort to ensure that passengers who have already booked tickets will in fact be able to travel. Passengers who would rather travel at a later date as a consequence of this situation will be able to rebook their flights at no extra cost.

We expect the situation at the airport to be resolved swiftly and effectively so that passengers and airlines know what they’re going to have to contend with – also in the longer term.


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