Dutch air traffic heavily affected by the snow, Eindhoven closed all day


There are a lot of cancellations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on Sunday due to the heavy snowfall. Dozens of flights have been cancelled, delayed or diverted.

For a while in the morning, no planes could take off or land at all. The only runway in use, the Kaagbaan (06-24), had to be cleared of snow. If the snowploughs are at work on the runway, it cannot be used for a while, a spokesperson said. As a result, several incoming aircraft had to wait to land or were diverted as far as Paris, Frankfurt or Luxembourg. An AirBridgeCargo freighter was also diverted to Liège.

Eindhoven Airport is also affected by the winter weather. The regional airport says it will cancel all air traffic until 07:00 on Monday due to the snowfall. The airport reports this on Twitter. Incoming flights have been diverted to Cologne/Bonn airport.



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