[Coronavirus] Amsterdam Airport closes piers and moves towards ‘Core Schiphol’


Amsterdam Airport is to give further substance to its ‘Core Schiphol’ scenario by keeping only the D, E and F-Piers in service. The B-Pier is partially accessible for the gates where travellers are bussed to their flights.

The other B-Pier gates, as well as the C, G and H/M-Piers, are now out of service and are being used to park aircraft. That way, Schiphol will reduce its operations even further and the airport will focus on appropriate activities during the worldwide crisis.

The airport has been offering a scaled-back version of its facilities to departing travellers for the past week. Check-ins are limited to Departures 2 and 3. Travellers to a Schengen-zone destination go through the temporary security area near Departures 1; other travellers go through the regular security area in Departures 2.

Lounge 1 (for flights to and from Schengen destinations) and Lounge 2 (for all other flights) will remain open behind the security check areas. Lounge 3’s facilities and access points will be closed from today.

Miriam Hoekstra-van der Deen, Director of Airport Operations, said: “There were only around 5% of travellers and 10% of flight movements in recent days, when compared to the same period last year. Our operations have shrunk, but we always remain open. That way, people can get home and things like fruit, vegetables and medical supplies can get to their destinations”.



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