Amsterdam Schiphol runway 18R-36L (aka Polderbaan) unavailable due to annual maintenance from 6 until 15 November


Maintenance on the Polderbaan Runway 18R-36L at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will take place from November 6th to November 15th, leading to its temporary closure. Flights scheduled to use the Polderbaan during this period will be redirected to other runways like 18C-36C (Zwanenburgbaan) and 09-27 (Buitenveldertbaan).

Maintenance includes asphalt and marking repairs, electrical checks, drainage system flushing, grass cutting, and light cleaning or repair. Approach lighting will be replaced, extending the maintenance by one day, with an expected reopening at 19:00 on November 15th.

After the maintenance, the Polderbaan will remain unavailable for landings during poor visibility until the end of December. This is due to work on the landing system and testing in accordance with international safety standards. The Zwanenburgbaan may be used for landings during poor visibility, while the Polderbaan can be used when visibility is good.

During the maintenance period, flights will be redirected to different runways, potentially leading to increased air traffic over certain areas. More information on flight routes can be found on their website.

Schiphol’s neighbours can contact the Local Community Contact Centre (BAS) for information or questions regarding air traffic and runway use during the maintenance period. BAS can be reached seven days a week at 020-6015555 or through their website.

Regular updates on air traffic at Schiphol are published on the BAS and Schiphol websites, providing local residents with insights. The Notifly app offers real-time information on air traffic at specific locations, and a newsletter keeps neighbours informed about relevant developments.


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