Amsterdam Schiphol airport will give priority to travellers without hand luggage


Schiphol airport in the Netherlands, which more and more Belgians are choosing for their holidays, will test a novelty this summer. Passengers travelling with checked luggage and without hand luggage will be able to pass through another lane and will therefore have to wait less.

This is one of the flagship measures that the airport has decided to put in place to better manage the flow of travellers during the summer holidays.

It is becoming more and more expensive to check-in luggage. Some airlines have even increased their fees by several tens of % in just one year. As a result, more and more people are taking only one big piece of hand baggage to pay as little as possible. As a result, they find themselves with bags full of things that are not normally allowed in the cabin: toiletry kits filled with liquids (perfume, deodorant, etc.) or sharp objects.

A “no trolley” line

Thus checking of hand luggage at the airport takes more and more time, which sometimes causes delays. Last May, dozens of travellers even missed their flight because of long waiting lines.

The solution that Schiphol airport has found to solve this problem is simply to open another “no trolley” queue. Passengers with little or no carry-on baggage can therefore pass the security checks more quickly. All benefit to them.


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