Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Runway 18L/36R (Aalsmeerbaan) to reopen for air traffic from 6 July

Planes parked on runway 18L/36R (“Aalsmeerbaan”) at Schiphol Airport during the COVID-19 pandemic © MartinD on Wikimedia

Starting 6 July, air traffic will once again be able to use Runway 18L-36R (Aalsmeerbaan) to take off and land. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the runway had served as a parking space for aircraft since Saturday, 28 March.

Where possible, air traffic will continue to be handled at Runways 18R-36L and 06-24. As of 6 July, Runway 18L-36R, as well as Runways 18C-36C and 09-27, will be ready for use if an additional runway is required as a result of the wind and weather conditions and/or the availability of the other runways.

24 June 2020


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