Amsterdam airport Schiphol files for injunction against security staff strike actions, and looses

Schiphol has filed for a preliminary injunction to prohibit the 15- and 20-minute work stoppages by security officers announced by FNV and CNV until 30 September of this year. In this exceptionally busy period at the airport, these strike actions may have far-reaching consequences for flights and passengers as well as lead to unsafe situations. Schiphol is responsible for ensuring safety at the airport.


Because Schiphol respects the right to strike, Schiphol had reached consensus with the unions in the last ten days on the form of their strike actions. It had been agreed that work stoppages would last no longer than 10 minutes, would not take place during the busiest departure hours and would never pose a detriment to passenger safety. This agreement would have allowed the unions to conduct their actions while still ensuring safety.

However, the unions have now announced work stoppages lasting 15 and 20 minutes. They also plan to increase the frequency from three to five actions per day. Schiphol feels that this situation is unacceptable due to safety risks. Longer strike actions during a busy period will directly result in stagnation of the passenger flow, which may lead to unsafe situations in the terminal. Furthermore, Schiphol is of the opinion that travellers and the airport should not be subjected to any more nuisance than they have already encountered as a result of a conflict in which neither has any part.

It appears that Schiphol lost its case in Court.

01 August 2018


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