[Pics] Amsterdam Schiphol air traffic controller to private pilot: “Papa-Hotel-Charlie-Bravo-Oscar, it’s all yours!!”


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, commercial aviation has been almost completely halted. A great opportunity to fly his Ultravia Pelican PL private aircraft (PH-CBO) around and over the – normally very busy – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, thought Jeroen Komen, a Dutch pilot, entrepreneur and adventurer. 

To my surprise, I was allowed to fly over a completely deserted Schiphol Airport,” Jeroen proudly wrote on his social media. “Papa-Hotel-Charlie-Bravo-Oscar, it’s all yours!!” air traffic controllers said when asked to circle above Schiphol.

Jeroen has also written an aviation book about his adventures, filled with unique aerial photos. Check out his book here.

Flightradar24-track of Jeroen’s flight.

© All pictures copyright Jeroen Komen


  1. Our caa don’t want us flying in case we have an accident and have to call on the emergency services!!! However you can ride a motorbike, or pushbike, or car, absolutely crazy


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