Additional security measures around Amsterdam Schiphol airport

In a joint meeting of the Mayor, Public Prosecution Office, Chief Royal Military Police and the Police of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer (in consultation with the NCTV) it was decided to take additional security measures at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. These measures have been discussed with Schiphol Airport.

The airport and its surrounding area remain accessible and all operations can continue as usual. The additional security measures have been put in place to prioritize the safety and security of both passengers and employees.

The ‘signal’ fits within the national threat level, which has been substantial since 2013. As in other parts of the Netherlands, extra vigilance is in place at Schiphol Airport as with other European airports. This requires some additional measures. The measures at and around Schiphol Airport must be seen in this perspective.

Main principle

The main principle of the joint meeting of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer is to manage the possible risks to passengers and employees in a responsible way and to ensure that activities at Schiphol Airport can continue as usual. The partners consider the additional security measures in line with the above mentioned.

Additional measures

The additional measures are visible and noticeable. Security has been intensified. In addition to these measures, various invisible measures have been put in place as well.
Saturday 30-07-2016