[Video] Alicante Airport evacuated after fire breaks out in terminal building


A large fire at the rooftop of Alicante Airport (Spain) has forced the airport authorities to evacuate the terminal building. Thousands of passengers gathered in front of the airport building.  

The fire is affecting departing and arriving traffic as the airport is currently not accepting any air traffic. A Norwegian Boeing 737 (EI-FHR) diverted to nearby Murcia, while a TUI Fly Belgium Embraer 190 (OO-JEM) diverted to Valencia.

At round 16:15 (UTC +1), rescue services were able to put down the fire. The airport authorities hope to reopen the airport as soon as possible.



  1. Hi. Are you sure it was the Arrivals hall? Arrivals is downstairs and departures upstairs, so your comment confused me a bit. My colleagues who work at and near the airport, said the fire is at the top, well the roof actually, and other reports said it was in an office! This really affects our business (car rentals), as obviously our clients were not able to arrive!


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