Iceland is expanding Akureyri Airport to get a second international airport

Air Iceland Fokker 50 at Akureyri © Travelling Otter —, CC BY 2.0,

Akureyri Airport in northern Iceland is being expanded to become the country’s next international airport

The pressure on Keflavik outside Reykjavik, as the only international airport in Iceland, creates an excessive imbalance in tourist flows.

More tourists will give the tourism industry in northern Iceland the opportunity to develop more sustainably all year round,” says Gudrun Thora Gunnarsdottir, head of the Icelandic Tourism Research Institute.

The local government in Akureyri has long been lobbying for expansion to the airport in order to make it more viable for international flights. Akureyri Mayor Ásthildur Sturludóttir celebrated the announcement: “We are extremely pleased that the Transport Minister and the government as a whole have looked at and listened to our wishes.”

Sources: Swedish Radio and


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