Explosions at Aden Airport, Yemen, on arrival of new government; 26 dead and more than 50 injured


Several explosions left at least 26 dead and more than 50 injured on Wednesday (30 December) at the airport of Aden, the provisional capital of Yemen, where an aircraft carrying the new unity government had just landed.

At least two explosions erupted when the aircraft landed and officials started to disembark. On social media platform Twitter, information Minister Muammar al-Iryani accused the Houthi rebels of carrying out this “terrorist attack“.

Prime Minister Maïn Abdelmalek Saïd also referred to a “cowardly terrorist act“, without specifically accusing the Houthis. “It will only increase our determination to fulfill our duty,” he tweeted.

In the past, Houthi rebels, but also the jihadist groups Al-Qaeda and Islamic State, have carried out several attacks targeting the Yemeni government and its supporters.

Footage and the aftermath of the explosions appeared on social media:



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