Action group #keepourairportjobs : an initiative of the entire Brussels airport community ! 


Action group “Keep our airport jobs” is calling out to sign the online petition in favour of Brussels Airport and asks to support them on social media.


60,000 jobs at and thanks to the airport, are at risk if no solution is found to mitigate the strict Brussels noise restrictions.

  • Do you want to help preserve the 60,000 jobs at the country’s national airport?
  • Do you want to be able to continue to travel yourself or be able to send off or welcome home family members and relatives at Brussels Airport?
  • Do you want to be able to dispatch parcels and food items to all corners of the globe; import or quickly send out life-saving medicine to the countries where they are needed?

In that case, support ‘Let us keep our airport jobs’, an initiative of the entire airport community! Sign the online petition and get your family members, relatives, friends and sympathisers to do likewise.

Support us on the social media at #keepourairportjobs.


  1. Some action groups against flights over Brussels pretend that it is possible to vote multiple times. True or false?


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