WOW Air launches traditional WOW beer


The best breweries in the world come together at Icelandic Beer Festival

WOW beer tin “I’m in Paradise”

During the Annual Icelandic Beer Festival, held from February 22-24, artisanal breweries from all over the world come together to get enthusiastic visitors to taste their latest beers. The Icelandic low-cost airline WOW air has announced to launch its own limited edition ‘WOW Beer’ in honour of this occasion. The WOW beer will be available at the festival and on a selected number of flights. The beer is brewed by TO ØL, a Danish brewery that can also be found at the beer festival and has a crunchy malty character with a hint of floral, hoppy aromas.

Nobody has noticed that traditionally brewed beers can no longer be ignored. A trend that low-cost society WOW air has not missed, but has just motivated to sponsor the annual Icelandic beer festival. WOW air, one of the biggest sponsors of the event, is immediately on the map with the introduction of its own beer. The WOW beer is tasted alongside world-famous brewery productions such as Brooklyn’s Other Half, Manchester’s Coldwater Brewing, The Veil of Virginia and dozens of others from Europe, North America and the rest of the world.

The tin is printed with a design by the Icelandic artist Odee and has been given the name ‘I’m in Paradise’. The design is inspired by the journey back when you have been abroad for a while. “You come from a paradise in the peace of your own home, that gives a special feeling“, says Odee about his work in the WOW air magazine. “In this case, it is a WOW air flight, where you as a passenger are welcome and you are taken back to your home base.” A large format aluminium version of the visuals will soon decorate the walls of the head office of WOW air.

The TO ØL brewery that made the WOW beer is also called a gypsie brewery. This means that they use their knowledge and skills at established breweries that have production capacity left. The recipes, style and branding remain their property. They believe that the oldest traditions are not by definition the best methods. By not following the rules it is possible to make the most exciting beers. TO ØL is distinguished by their imagination, personal know-how and science to achieve the best results and is, therefore, a perfect match with WOW air.

Amsterdam, February 19, 2018


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