WOW air adds Vancouver to network


WOW air introduces flights to Vancouver from 6 June 2019. Exactly in time for the summer holidays. The airline with a home base in Iceland will fly to the Canadian city six times a week.

Vancouver is often the starting point or end point of a tour through Canada. The city with both a historic centre and a lot of modern high-rise buildings has a mild climate that can be described as Canadian. Even palm trees can grow. Vancouver is the ideal place to spot whales, as they are often found off the coast.

On 6 June, the inaugural flight will take place from Iceland to Vancouver International Airport, the largest international airport in the region.

Skúli Mogensen, founder and owner of WOW air, about the addition of Vancouver: “After Montreal and Toronto we are very happy with the addition of our third Canadian destination. In this way, we ensure that you can also travel to the West Coast of Canada in an advantageous way. We expect this route to be a great success if we look at the good performance of the other Canadian destinations.”


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