WAB air has requested its AOC


WAB air, the start-up Icelandic airline successor of WOW air, has requested its Air Operator Certificate from Icelandic authorities.

WAB air managers have requested an Air Operator Certificate from the Icelandic Transportation Authority. Airline development is a success, says Sveinn Inga Steinþórsson, founder of WAB air, and ex-member of the board of WOW air.

“We have requested an AOC, and we’re well prepared”, said Sveinn to RÚV. He added “We are an Icelandic company, under Icelandic identity number and exploitation licence, and we consider working with Icelandic crew and staff. We will rely heavily on the good people we have worked with over the years”, he said when a journalist asked if they were recruiting staff and if they were going to be Icelandic or foreigners.

The first 25% of the shareholding has been taken by Neo company, owned by Arnar Más Magnússon, ex-chief of operations at WOW, by Oga Guðmundssonn, lawyer for Atlantik Legal Services and BusTravel CEO, by Thorodd Ara Þóroddsson, consultant in aeronautical commerce and by Sveinn Inga.

The remaining 75% is owned by Irish investor, Avianta Capital and Aislin Whittley-Ryan, one of Ryanair founders daughter.

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