No AOC application for MOM air, the “new” Icelandic airline


Will MOM air be the new Icelandic airline build on the ashes of defunct airline WOW air? The new airline seems very optimistic as it already plans to launch flights in December. Hours after launch, the airline’s official website ( crashed as the server couldn’t handle the high traffic. 

The lay-out of the site is very similar to the design of former WOW air. The M’s in MOM seems to be the W’s upside down with the same font as in the WOW air logo.

The new ultra-low-cost airline will operate six Airbus A320neo’s and – based on the website – will operate from Iceland to destinations in Europe and the United States.

The website states, among other things, that during MOM air flights, authentic mummy food will be offered. It says that the airline’s booking platform will take off today.

Upon request by Thibault Lapers, Iceland Director Aviation and Maritime operations Einar Örn Héðinsson issued a short statement: “MOM Air appears to be some kind of a joke made with some efforts. There is no AOC (editor: Air Operator’s Certificate) issued in their name nor any application in progress.”

Anyway, a press conference and presentation will be held on 11 November at 10:00. The meeting will be broadcast live on both social media and the MOM air website.

The agenda of the meeting will include an introduction to the company’s operations, background of employees, the technology behind the booking system, its fleet and more. The final program will be announced shortly.

Without notice to the contrary, sticks to an early April fools’ day joke.



  1. I can’t wait to get onto people planes again one day! We need the Wow Cyclothon to come back, have you done that one? Congrats on your 70.3. We had our first full distance IM in the USA in months, last weekend, so the day is coming!


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