New Icelandic low-cost WAB air becomes PLAY


A new Icelandic low-cost airline has today announced its name as PLAY. The airline is built on the ashes of WOW air.

The staff of PLAY consists of people with a wide range of experience from the aviation industry from airlines such as WOW air and Air Atlanta. The CEO of PLAY is Arnar Már Magnusson.

PLAY flies with Airbus A321 aircraft (targeting both passenger and freight operations for some 200 passengers per flight) and will serve destinations across Europe. As of summer of 2020, the fleet will consist of six aircraft expanding to ten within three years. Plans are to add destinations in North America in spring 2020.

Sales start in November and one thousand tickets will be given away to mark the occasion. However, the airline does not yet have its AOC, but the CEO says it is on the way to getting one.


Destinations and flight schedules will be announced soon. PLAY will serve destinations in Europe to start with. The intention is to start adding North American destinations in the spring of 2020.

Sale start

Sale starts in November 2019, at a date to be announced in the airline’s newsletter, available on

How much will tickets cost?

Prices may vary depending on dates and destinations. PLAY aims to offer the best prices whenever possible.

05 November 2019


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