Work stoppages at Charleroi airport: the unions complain about the deterioration of working conditions, management is surprised


Charleroi airport employees affiliated with the trade unions CNE and SETCa have decided to carry out work stoppages this Monday from 13:00. They denounce the unacceptable deterioration of working conditions and consider the stoppages as a final warning before going on strike.

The staff employed at Charleroi airport will meet in assembly during these work stoppages. They denounce “the disastrous management at the planning level“.

CNE and SETCa also denounce the deterioration of working conditions and the “lack of credibility of the employer“. The management of unemployment is also singled out: misuse of unemployment for force majeure, lack of transparency, inequity in the distribution of unemployment and the forecast of future economic unemployment. To top it off, one of the airport managers also harassed one of the workers.

The unions are exasperated and threaten to take “more substantial action if the management of Charleroi airport does not take our views into account“.

Management is surprised

The management of Charleroi airport noted, with astonishment, a work stoppage of part of the staff, this Monday between 13:00 and 15:00.

This strike is all the more surprising, given that it took place the day before a works council meeting the purpose of which was to provide information on the situation at Charleroi airport.

This works council was convened in accordance with the customary deadlines, in order to communicate with all the workers’ representatives.