Wizz Air supports Ukrainian citizens with another 100,000 free tickets


To travel between September 15 and December 8 on 800 European routes

Wizz Air has announced that it will again make 100,000 free tickets* available to Ukrainian citizens on some 800 European routes on which Wizz Air Hungary and Wizz Air UK operate. The free tickets are available for travel between September 15 and December 8, 2022. In this way, WIZZ wants to help Ukrainian refugees reach their desired destinations.

Ukrainian citizens can book a flight under this free ticket program via https://wizzair.com/#/rescue. They must provide their passport number when making the reservation. Upon check-in, they will be asked to present their passport and the required visa and travel documents.

József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, said: “Wizz Air is a home carrier of Ukraine. In these difficult times, we continue to support Ukrainian citizens in every way possible. We want to help alleviate their hardships.”


  1. WHY???
    I tried to support them by giving them employment, and what? Govt gave them free accommodation on full board in 4**** hotel, they started travels on weekends to Greek islands, and then they decided that it’s not worth working since they receive all for free…
    And I still receive e-mails to donate for UKR refugees…!


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