Wizz Air Abu Dhabi to double number of aircraft based and to launch in October


Wizz Air Abu Dhabi intends to take off later this year with 6 aircraft instead of 3, Wizz Air CEO told Arabian Business news portal.

Jozsef Varadi, CEO of Wizz Air, told Arabian Business news portal the airline would double the initial number of aircraft, from 3 to 6, at its new base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“We are looking at a larger scale start versus what we originally contemplated. We would be looking at a six aircraft start in the first six months,” Varadi said.

The airline is set in October to launch flights to Europe, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Africa.

“As a matter of fact, it has even increased our appetite, given the situation, as we’ve seen competition is getting weaker here or there.”

He added: “This is an initiative that will take us to probably the scale of Wizz Air Hungary in the same period. So if you look at the numbers, Wizz Air Hungary made it to about 100 aircraft in 15 years and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will make it to 100 aircraft in 15 years as well, if not more.”

“We can capture five billion of the world’s population within a radius of six and a half hours from Abu Dhabi. We think it represents plenty of opportunities for the airline to develop its network. We’re going to start that initiative commercially within a few weeks, and operationally, we will be up in the air towards the end of the year as planned.”