Wizz Air launches three new destinations from Budapest: Brussels Airport, Lviv and Kharkiv


Hungarian airline Wizz Air will add an Airbus A321neo in its base at Budapest, Hungary. On social media, the airline confirmed the launch of three new destinations from June 2020: Brussels Airport (Belgium), Lviv and Kharkiv (Ukraine).

According Wizz Air’s booking engine, the airline will launch six weekly flights (extended to 7 as from 19 September 2020) between Budapest and Brussels and will fly twice weekly from Budapest to each of the two Ukrainian cities.

By significantly strengthening Hungary’s links with the Belgian capital, Wizz Air gains an immediate 26% share of all weekly flights between the two cities. As the LCC joins existing services on the route (by LOT Polish Airlines and Brussels Airlines), the addition of the new flights during Summer 2020 will see Budapest offer close to 150,000 seasonal seats to Brussels next summer.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport Wizz Air’s daily flight currently operated during the evening is going to be transferred to Brussels Airport, while the morning flight (currently operated 4 times per week) in the morning stays at Brussels South Charleroi Airport and becomes daily.

Return flights to Brussels are to be flown everyday evening except Saturday from 1 June 2020 until 19 September, when Wizzair is going to fly daily from Budapest.

Increasing connectivity to Ukraine, and with no direct competition on either link, Wizz Air will add Budapest’s fourth and fifth connections to the Eastern European country. As the services to Lviv and Kharkiv join the airline’s existing links to Kyiv and Odesa (to launch in November), the carrier will offer 15 weekly flights to Ukraine.

Wizz Air’s confirmation of further links to Ukraine will see Budapest offer its customers a total of 22 weekly operations to the growing nation nestled in Eastern Europe,” says Balázs Bogáts, Head of Airline Development, Budapest Airport. “This latest announcement will see our closely-held partner offer 71 city pairs next summer and, as the airline recognises the demand for further capacity on our services to Brussels, we look forward to continuing our growing partnership with this dynamic carrier,” adds Bogáts.

In addition to the new destinations, Wizz Air is also increasing the number of flights on existing routes from Budapest to Eindhoven, St Petersburg, Tel Aviv and Edinburgh (to be launched in December).

Earlier this month, the airline announced a big expansion plan in Poland by adding 15 new routes from Krakow, Gdansk and Warsaw. Four aircraft will be based in Poland to strengthen the airline’s expansion plans.

Schedule of BUD-BRU and BUD-CRL flights :

W62241 BUD – BRU 18:50 – 20:55 1-3-5-7 from 01/06/2020
W62241 BUD – BRU 17:55 – 20:00 -2—– from 02/06/2020 until 15/09/2020
W62241 BUD – BRU 16:55 – 19:00 —4— from 04/06/2020
W62241 BUD – BRU 17:55 – 20:00 -2—6- from 19/09/2020

W62242 BRU – BUD 21:40 – 23:35 1-3-5-7 from 01/06/2020
W62242 BRU – BUD 20:45 – 22:40 -2—– from 02/06/2020 until 15/09/2020
W62242 BRU – BUD 19:45 – 21:40 —4— from 04/06/2020
W62242 BRU – BUD 20:45 – 22:40 -2—6- from 19/09/2020

W62281 BUD – CRL 06:05 – 08:10 1-3-5-7 from 1 June 2020
W62281 BUD – CRL 06:30 – 08:35 -2-4-6- from 2 June 2020

W62282 CRL – BUD 08:55 – 10:50 1-3-5-7 from 1 June 2020
W62282 CRL – BUD 09:05 – 11:00 -2-4-6- from 2 June 2020


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