Greece lifts ban on Wizz Air flights (Updated)

Wizz Air Airbus A320 HA-LYT © Anna Zvereva on Wikimedia

UPDATE: On 2 August, Wizz Air announced that, after consulting with Greek authorities, the ban was lifted. The airline urges passengers to correctly fill the Passenger Locator Forms and present them when boarding.

Wizz Air disregarded an order by the Greek government relating to COVID-19

Wizz Air received a temporary ban on landing in Athens for disregarding an order by the Greek government, which requires all incoming passengers to have the entry QR code. The airline has not checked this requirement on a large scale and many passengers were brought into the country without it.

The Greek civil aviation authority issued NOTAM A2235/20 which specifically prohibits Wizz Air from landing and operating flights to Athens because the regulations published in NOTAM 2138/20 have been violated: all airlines flying to Athens must check passengers’ Locator Forms before boarding. Not having the PLF results in a denial of entry.

The ban takes effect on August 2, 2020, at 21:00 (UTC) and will continue until August 14, 2020, at 21:00 (UTC).

Other airlines flying to Greece could be imposed similar sanctions if they don’t check before boarding whether the passengers have the QR code necessary for entry, either printed on paper or in their smartphone.


  1. More confusing information from this airline. Pity they didn’t spend more time on refunds

  2. It’s the pasanger fault not the airline. I’ve had 5 flights booked with Wizz to Athens and they could not have been clearer of my responsibility to get the code. They emailed twice every time with a direct link to the Greek website to complete the form.

  3. This is not the only thing wizz ignore flew to Bulgari6 the other day and half the passengers not wearing masks and standing in aisles talking . The crew did not say anything to any of them . So much for their covid 19 policy

  4. Why? There has been a ban, which was lifted after discussions between Wizz Air and the Greek authorities. Do you have additional information? Then please share it with us.


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