Fifth Airbus A320 joins Wizz Air’s Skopje base




Wizz Air celebrates together with TAV Macedonia the allocation of the 5th aircraft and launch of 3 new routes from North Macedonia, commencing on 31 July and 2 August 2019. Passengers can now travel from Skopje to Turku on the southwest coast of Finland and Larnaca – one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, region famous for its outstanding natural beauty. The third route celebrated today connects Ohrid with Memmingen, which together with the recently launched Dortmund service gives passengers a convenient opportunity to travel to Germany from Ohrid. Tickets are available on with fares from as low as MKD 899/EUR 14.99*.

With a traditional aviation welcoming ceremony – water cannon salute and treats – the first passengers on Wizz Air’s flight from Turku were welcomed at the airport in Skopje. A bit later the second celebratory flight departed from Skopje to Larnaca. Passengers travelling on the Ohrid – Memmingen route will enjoy their first flight on 2 August 2019.

WIZZ started operations from North Macedonia in 2011 and established a base in Skopje in 2012. After 7 years of successful operations, the airline announced further expansion at its North Macedonian base by allocating the 5th Airbus A320 aircraft at the end of July 2019. The new aircraft represents another $101 million investment** into the local aviation market and will contribute to the creation of over thirty new direct jobs with Wizz Air.

TAV Macedonia officials outline that they are happy and proud to add these new routes to the long list of cities connected with direct flights from Skopje airport, as well as the new destinations from Ohrid Airport – Dortmund added in July, and Memmingen, that will start at the beginning of August.

– Today’s celebration on the occasion of the launching of the new routes to Turku and Larnaca from Skopje Airport is yet another evidence on our commitment as an airport operator to truly develop the airport and aviation operation in our country. This is just another strong indicator that the North Macedonian aviation market is growing and that with each new destination our passengers are one step closer to Europe and to the world since they can have the opportunity to travel by affordable prices combined with a great experience at our airports and onboard the aircraft. With the 5th aircraft at Skopje base, Wizz Air only confirms their successful operations at our airports. Turku, an important business and cultural centre of Finland, as a new destination is a completely new market for us and we believe that our clients and the travellers will soon note the benefits of this air route, as the Finnish would have the chance to visit and discover our country. On the other hand, Larnaca, known for its palm-tree seafront and long beaches, and with its main economy branch being the service sector, including tourism, will be yet another attractive destination for our passengers to explore and to experience the beauties and nature of Cyprus. Furthermore, the new Wizz Air destinations from Ohrid Airport – Dortmund and Memmingen, will further ease the travelling of the passengers from the Ohrid region. Overall, the activities and results at both airports show that we are continually working to strengthen our route network and we are delighted to add these destinations to our ever-expanding list of routes, Alper Ersoy, TAV Macedonia General Manager stated.

Only this year, WIZZ started to operate to 4 new destinations from Skopje to: Baden-Baden, Bremen, Larnaca and Turku, and 4 new destinations from Ohrid to: Malmö, Milan, opened in March 2019, Dortmund opened at the beginning of July and Memmingen in August. Overall, it makes a total of 38 routes to 16 countries operated by Wizz Air from the two North Macedonian airports: Skopje and Ohrid.

Paulina Gosk, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air saidWizz Air constantly listens to the North Macedonian customers’ demand for new routes with low fare flights and responds by offering opportunities to have great travel experience. Wizz Air continues to be North Macedonia’s greatest contributor to the aviation, travel and hospitality development. Today we are celebrating the fifth Airbus A320 allocations and new routes from Skopje and Ohrid. We are now operating 38 routes to 16 countries from Skopje. We welcome all travellers to discover our new and existing European destinations while enjoying WIZZ’s low fares and great onboard experience.


Route Days From Fares from*
Skopje –Larnaca Wednesdays, Sundays 31 July 2019 MKD 899/EUR 14.99
Skopje – Turku Wednesdays, Sundays 31 July 2019 MKD 1,499/EUR 24.99
Ohrid–Memmingen/Munich West Mondays, Fridays 2 August 2019 MKD 899/EUR 14.99


* One way including all taxes and non-optional charges

Jul 31, 2019, 12:00


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