Welcome Air discontinues Dornier operation with a last flight from Antwerp to Innsbruck

Welcome Air Dornier 328-100 reg. OE-LIR © Wikimedia

An era comes to an end. After 17 years, the Austrian regional airline Welcome Air closed its flight operations on Tuesday 26 December. The last flight of the airline led the only remaining Dornier 328 named “Phoenix” with registration OE-LIR from Antwerp to Innsbruck.

There, the aircraft changed ownership before being transferred to Bern. In Switzerland, it is expected to replace OE-GBB of Tyrol Air Ambulance, which had been taken out of service in May and found a new owner at Dornier Aviation Nigeria as a 5N-BVO.

In the period from 2000 to 2017, Welcome Air operated a total of five Dornier 328s under its own brand, which were used on both scheduled and charter flights, among other things. These were the following machines:

Dornier 328 Prop:

OE-LIR, MSN 3115
OE-GBB, MSN 3078 (operated by Tyrol Air Ambulance)
OE-LKB, MSN 3036 (on behalf of Austrian Airlines)

Dornier 328 Jet:

OE-LJR, MSN 3213
OE-HRJ, MSN 3206 (VIP Shuttle)

Source: Austrian Aviation Net


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