Washington Ronald Reagan Airport plunged into darkness on Wednesday night


The power cut at Washington airport Wednesday night slowed considerably boarding and disembarking

Washington Ronald Reagan Airport remained in the dark for more than an hour on Wednesday night. The origin of the power failure has not been specified.

Washington Ronald Reagan Airport was affected for several hours by a major power outage. “We are aware of a power outage affecting the entire airport and we are investigating,” said the official Twitter account of the airport.

Aircraft traffic continued at all times. “The flights are operated,, however the mechanical systems without electricity slow down boarding and disembarking,” said the airport, indicating that generators had been started to “provide lighting to several areas in the terminal“.

No explanation has yet been given as to the origin of this break. The airport only said that the cut was recorded shortly before 22:00 hours local time, and indicated in another Twitter post that electricity was restored at 23:13.


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