Volotea plane made emergency landing in La Coruña due to a false bomb threat


Volotea flight V7-3538 operating the Bilbao-La Coruña route with an Airbus A319 registered EC-MTD has made an emergency landing this Friday, at 07:25 due to a false bomb threat, the company said on its Twitter account.

The 112 Emergency Coordination Centre in Bilbao received the alarm and the communication was transferred through an internal channel between both airports. La Coruña Airport activated its emergency plan. The aircraft moved to a remote parking lot. The 105 passengers and six crew members onboard the Volotea A319 disembarked normally at La Coruña airport (LCG), following the emergency protocol. All passengers are in perfect condition.

Guardia Civil agents searched the cabin and the hold of the plane without finding any explosives. The airport was idle during the investigation and then resumed normal operations, Aena explained.

After 10:00, the Guardia Civil confirmed that the incident was terminated and that it was a “false alarm.”

Source: Actualidad Aerospacial