Volotea celebrates 15 million passengers


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Stickers for a hide-and-seek game are placed in all bases to win year-round free flights.

The 15th million passenger gets one-week premium holiday package including a private flight to start a year-long free flight prize.

Volotea, the airline of mid and small-sized European cities, celebrates in Nantes its 15 millionth passenger carried since operations started in 2012. The winner, Julie Besson, has been awarded a tailor-made holiday package with one-week premium accommodation at Palermo and free flights for a year.                                                                                     

The airline has reached today 15 million passengers since operations started in April 2012. Julie Besson was awarded a great prize before taking a flight from Nantes to Venice this morning. Carlos Muñoz, Volotea’s Founder and CEO, congratulated the passenger in an event hosted by François Marie, Director of Nantes airport.

To celebrate this moment, the passenger was given a special prize: a one-week tailor-made holiday package at Palermo, where she is invited to a private flight around the city operated by one Volotea experienced pilot. This will be just the beginning of a year with free flights to any Volotea destination from Nantes.

There is no better way to start 2018 than celebrating our 15 million passengers. It is a year in which we will continue growing all across our network, offering non-stop connections to mid and small-sized European cities, widening our clients’ travel choice at convenient fares”, Carlos Muñoz, Volotea’s Founder and CEO stated. “To celebrate this big event, achieved thanks to all our loyal customers across Europe, an exciting challenge has been launch in all of our bases. Awarded winners will enjoy fifteen free flights, so they will be able to fly for free for a year. We encourage everybody to take part”.

Volotea has launched simultaneous hide-and-seek competitions among all its bases to share its celebration. One Volotea sticker has been hidden in Venice, Nantes, Bordeaux, Verona, Toulouse, Palermo, Strasbourg, Marseille, Asturias and Bilbao. Local winners who find them will be awarded free tickets for a year. To participate, citizens should register and visit the website http://www.volotea.com/en/15million/, in order to follow subsequent clues that will be disclosed also on the airline’s Social Media Networks where the hints will be published.

Volotea’s Growth

Volotea has carried 15 million passengers since its first flight in 2012 and more than 4.8 million in 2017.

In 2018, Volotea has opened 58 new routes to serve a lineup of 293 routes, operating flights to 78 mid and small-sized European cities in 13 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Albania, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Ireland and Luxembourg. The airline expects to carry between 5.7m and 6.0 passengers in 2018.

Volotea has currently nine bases: Venice, Nantes, Bordeaux, Palermo, Strasbourg, Asturias, Verona, Toulouse and Genoa, in which it leads on a number of destinations (except in Toulouse). New bases in Athens, Bilbao and Marseille have been announced to be launched throughout this year.

Volotea headcount is 875 employees and will also create another 250 new jobs in 2018 to capitalize its growth in activity.

In 2018, Volotea operates its network with 32 aircraft, Boeing 717s and Airbus A319s. Both models are recognized for their comfort and reliability, with Volotea offering reclining seats which are 5% wider than the average in airlines.

The Airbus A319 is the aircraft model selected for its future growth and will allow the company to increase its passenger capacity by 20% to 150 seats and to serve longer routes.

The airline has been selected by TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice 2017 as the best airline based in France, Italy and Spain in the “Europe Regional and Low Cost” category.

February, 15th 2018


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