ramps up digital capabilities of AirBridgeCargo and CargoLogicAir in less than 12 weeks


After the official announcement of a partnership with, AirBridgeCargo (ABC) and CargoLogicAir (CLA) are now ready to go live with the first bookings via digital platform thus opening numerous opportunities for its existing and potential customers.

From now on, ABC and CLA capacities are available online for cargo, covering general and premium services, originating from Frankfurt, Munich and Leipzig in Germany, as well as Amsterdam in the Netherlands with further plans for expansion of online points.

Being part of digital booking platforms becomes essential for air cargo players if they want to embrace new sales channels and expand their customer base building strategic relations on different levels with customers and understanding their needs, as well as following market trends. We have analyzed various options in the market and went for for a number of reasons. Besides being driven by a young and professional team,’s ambitious platform guarantees a simple, clean and intuitive experience for its users providing better choices on time-condition for airfreight and facilitating transactions. We can reach our existing customers and new ones with ease following our top marketing key approach. The simplicity of makes it a truly seamless experience, fully transparent for our customers from search to booking in under a minute”, highlighted Andrey Andreev, Vice-president, Europe for AirBridgeCargo Airlines. ABC, CLA and teams met at Frankfurt Airport to celebrate the successful integration and the first bookings as part of their collaboration, which also covers in-depth personnel training.

This day is a milestone for the air cargo industry. After twelve weeks of hard work, agile development and constructive engagement on both sides, capacities of AirBridgeCargo and CargoLogicAir can now be booked with the click of a button and instant confirmation on,” says Moritz Claussen, managing director and founder of

With these successful first steps, the companies aim to expand their offering to include the full breadth and depth of their network. That means go-live beyond European launch markets in Germany and the Netherlands and expanding the scope of their products and services.

Jonathan Celeteria, Sales Director Europe at AirBridgeCargo comments on the roll-out: “The customer feedback has been extremely positive so far due to the speed, ease and transparency they gain by comparing and booking our capacities on For us, it’s a game-changer and I’m excited to explore the whole potential of this partnership to deliver the best possible customer experience, as well as facilitate our ability to cope with challenging market conditions we are facing at the moment.

AirBridgeCargo, CargoLogicAir and first announced about their partnership during air cargo Europe event in June and have so far been working on building data & analytics capabilities and integrating them with the companies’ commercial and operational processes to deliver a better product.

London|Moscow|Berlin, September, 16 2019


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