Virgin Atlantic reveals Queen of the Skies aircraft in honour of the late Elizabeth II



Virgin Atlantic has named its newest aircraft Queen of the Skies in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The airline’s brand new Airbus A330neo has the registration G-VEII, and is the second of Virgin Atlantic’s aircraft to be named Queen of the Skies. Back in 2004, her late majesty unveiled an Airbus A340-600 with the same name at a ceremony in Toulouse.

Corneel Koster, chief customer and operations officer at Virgin Atlantic, commented: “Just like Queen Elizabeth during her historic 70-year reign, Virgin Atlantic is proud to fly the flag for the United Kingdom around the world. We’re delighted to soon be welcoming ‘Queen of the Skies’ to our fleet and hope that it serves as a fitting tribute to an unforgettable, much-loved monarch.”


Virgin Atlantic has a long history of naming its aircraft after inspirational women, including Diana in tribute to Princess Diana. Virgin Atlantic’s current fleet includes Lade Emmeline (G-VLIB) which pays tribute to the founder of the Suffragette movement and women’s rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst. Fearless Lady (G-VEVE) celebrates the life of Eve Branson, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson’s late mother. Eve led an incredible life, enlisting in the WRENS during World War II, taking gliding lessons disguised as a boy, and working as a pioneering hostess on the treacherous British South American Airways routes.

Queen of the Skies is the fourth Airbus A330neo to join Virgin Atlantic’s fleet. The other three are Billie Holiday (G-VJAZ), Space Oddity (G-VTOM) and Eliza Doolittle (G-VLDY). Virgin Atlantic is committed to flying the cleanest, greenest fleet in the sky and it has ordered 12 more Airbus A330neos to join its fleet.

23 January 2023


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