Brand new VietJet Air Airbus A321neo loses both nose gear wheels upon landing at Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam


On 29 November 2018, a VietJet Air Airbus A321neo (VN-A653) on a domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Buon Ma Thuot lost its nose gear wheels after a hard landing at Buon Ma Thuot. Emergency slides were used to evacuate the 207 passengers on board, 6 passengers got injured and were taken to hospital.

Emergency services rushed to the scene. The two front wheels of the aircraft were lost during the landing, creating a loud noise while slowing down on the runway. Several passengers on the flight started to panic and to cry, during the evacuation several passengers pushed other passengers to get out of the aircraft as soon as possible. 

To Vietnamese newspaper noichungla, a passenger explains something (the nose gear) of the aircraft scraped the runway. “After the impact and due to fear of explosion, a call was made to evacuate the aircraft. All passengers were evacuated in time. Six passengers were immediately taken to the hospital.

The Airbus A321neo registered VN-A653 only entered VietJet Air’s fleet 15 days ago (15 November 2018). The Vietnamese aviation authorities have launched an investigation.


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