ValueJet Mitsubishi CRJ-900LR ends up in soft ground behind Port Harcourt runway


On 14 November, a ValueJet Mitsubishi (Bombardier) CRJ-900LR (registered 5N-BXR) operated domestic flight VK226 between Lagos and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. After landing at Port Harcourt, the aircraft ran off the landing runway and ended up in soft ground.

Nobody among the 62 passengers and 5 crew member was hurt in the event. ValueJet captain Stanley Balami confirmed the occurrence and said: “the aircraft had stopped on the runway and was about to execute the second turn off when he encountered a slip due to algae on the turn off, rendering the aircraft uncontrolled on the taxiway.

The following images were published on a local website. 

Note from editor: that must have been a very slippery runway.

Source: ValueJet Aircraft Skids Off Runway At Port Harcourt Airport (


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