US-Bangla Airlines Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 veers off Kathmandu runway and catches fire: at least 49 dead


A Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 registered S2-AGU from US-Bangla Airlines has veered off the runway on landing at Tribhuvan Internationa Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shortly after the impact, the aircraft caught fire. It is reported that the 17-year-old aircraft (serial number 4041) carried 67 passengers and 4 crew members.

Police say 49 of the 71 passengers and crew have died in the raging fire. Twenty-two people are being treated in hospital for injuries.

The flight originated from Dhaka.

US-Bangla Airlines is a privately owned Bangladeshi airline headquartered in Dhaka and based at Shahjalal International Airport. Because of the accident of flight BS211, the airport has been closed. Inbound flights are either returning to departure airport or diverting to other airports. The airport is now reopened. (see Flightradar24 tweet at the bottom of this article)

The belated Dash 8 Q400 previously operated for SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Royal Jordanian and Augsburg Airways. It is not the first mishap during landing with this particular aircraft: web site is reporting that on 4 September 2015, upon landing, because of a technical failure and due to adverse weather conditions, the plane skidded from the runway into the grass. There were no personal injuries but the wheels got damaged after the impact. (source: ASN Wikibase Occurrence # 179261)


  1. Air Traffic Control Communications transcript with The US-Bangla airlines Dash 8 Flight BS211.

    The following highlights a certain level of apparent confusion over which runway the aircraft was intending to land on.

    BS211 – US-Bangla airlines Dash 8 Flight BS211.
    Callsign BanglaStar211
    KTH Tower – Kathmandu Tower

    BS211(female voice): „Good day, BanglaStar211 final runway 02.“
    KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, tower. Wind 220 degrees eight knots, tailwind component seven knots, continue approach.“
    BS211(female voice): „Continue approach BanglaStar 211.“
    KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, wind 220 degrees seven knots, tailwind component six knots, you’re cleared to land.“
    BS211(female voice): „Cleared to land, BanglaStar 211.“
    KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, tower?“
    BS211(female voice): „Go ahead, sir.“
    BS211(male voice): „Go ahead, mam‘.“
    KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, you were given a landing clearance to runway 02.“
    BS211(male voice): „Affirmative, mam.“
    KTH-Tower: „You are going towards runway 20.“
    BS211(male voice): „..(garbled transmission) runway 02.“
    KTH-Tower (different voice): „…211, runway 20, cleared to land.“
    BS211(male voice): „..cleared to land..(unintelligible).“
    KTH-Tower (different voice): „BanglaStar211, Kathmandu Tower“
    BS211(male voice): „Go ahead“
    KTH-Tower (different voice): „BanglaStar211, request your intentions.“
    BS211(male voice): „..(unintelligible)..“
    KTH-Tower (different voice): “ BanglaStar211, that would be VFR.“
    BS211(male voice): „Affirmative“
    KTH-Tower (different voice): “ 211 join a ri…ehm..right downwind to runway 20.“
    BS211(male voice): „Copied.“
    KTH-Tower (different voice): “ …right downwind runway 02..“
    KTH-Tower: „And BanglaStar 211, traffic at final eh..runway 02 at two miles, report sighting.“
    BS211(male voice): „Copied, Sir. We’ll be at (..) runway 02.“
    KTH-Tower: „Confirm you’re tracking towards runway 20 ?“
    BS211(male voice): „Affirmative.“
    KTH-Tower: „Right..left, right downwind runway 02, I say again Bangla 212 traffic is on final runway 02 landing on runway 02.“
    BS211(male voice): „Copied Sir“
    KTH-Tower: „211 I say it again, do not proceed towards runway 20. Cleared to hold at your current position.“
    BS211(male voice): „Okay, we’re making an orbit to the right, copied ?“
    BS211(male voice): „Tower, 211, making a right holding, right holding for runway 02.“
    KTH-Tower: „Okay that’s good but do not land. Traffic is on short final runway 02.“
    BS211(male voice): „We have that, Sir copied. (unintelligible) we’re cleared to land“
    KTH-Tower: „..BanglaStar211, to land. Runway is vacated, either runway 02 or 20 ?“
    BS211(male voice): „Yes Siur, we like to land on 20.“
    KTH-Tower: „Okay runway 20, cleared to land. Wind is 270 degrees, six knots.“
    BS211(male voice): „260 copied, cleared to land.“
    KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, confirm you have the runway in sight?“
    BS211(male voice): „Negative, Sir.“
    KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, turn right and have the runway, confirm you have the runway not in sight, yet ?“
    BS211(male voice): „Affirmative, we have (..) runway in sight. Requesting clear to land, Sir.“
    KTH-Tower: „And BanglaStar211, cleared to land.“
    BS211(male voice): „Cleared to land runway 02, BanglaStar212.“
    KTH-Tower: „Roger, ruway 02, cleared to land, BanglaStar211.“
    BS211(male voice): „..sir, are we cleared to land ?“
    KTH-Tower: „BanglaStar211, I say again..turn… (yelling in background).“

    Transcript from LiveATC.Net
    *Please Note – This is an individual transcript and not to be considered a final or accurate record of ATC communications


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