Ural Airlines has transported 1.1 million people since the beginning of the year


For the months of January and February of 2019, Ural Airlines has transported 1,118,091 passengers, which is 8% more than during the similar period last year. The number of passengers traveling within Russia equaled 598,157, while 519,934 people went abroad. The carrier’s liners completed 8,143 flights (+5%) – 4,327 domestic flights and 3,816 international ones. Passenger traffic reached 2.746 billion passenger kilometers (+8%).

The airline served 514,019 passengers (+9%) in February. It transported 280,908 people across Russia and 233,111 to locations abroad. For the month, it completed 3,720 flights (+7%): 1,694 abroad and 2,026 domestically.

Ural Airlines, which ranks among the leading Russian airlines in passenger traffic, served 9,000,579 passengers in 2018. Its fleet of 47 Airbus liners (24 A320s, 16 A321, and 7 A319s) operate routes to more than 200 destinations.


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