BrownTales: a UPS Airlines Air-to-Air Video Shoot


With help from production company 3 Delta Fox and funding from Boeing, UPSers used a 16-hour work day to make some movie magic with different UPS Airlines aircraft. First, the video crew went up in a Learjet and UPS pilots took their seats in a Boeing 767. They cruised around downtown Los Angeles and up the California coast line, including the Pacific Ocean.

Eventually, they worked their way to San Bernardino, California, where the video crew switched from the Learjet to a helicopter to capture ground shots. The crew repeated this for the Boeing 757 and the MD-11. Thanks to the clear skies, they were able to capture sunrise, sunset and the afternoon California glow.

This kind of shoot takes months of planning, meetings and safety briefings to make sure the entire crew is safe and prepared. The BrownTales crew went behind the scenes to see what it takes to get these beauty shots. Worth watching!

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