[Teaser] United Airlines new livery: out with the gold, in with the blue


Tomorrow, 24 April, United Airlines will show its new livery to the press and the public. To create some extra mystery before the unveiling tomorrow, the airline posted a mysterious video online, titled “out with gold, in with the blue”.

About nine years ago, on 16 April 2010, United resumed merger talks with Continental Airlines. The board of directors of both Continental and UAL Corporation’s United Airlines reached an agreement to combine operations to create the world’s largest airline. The combined carrier that started on 2 May 2010 would take the United Airlines name but use Continental’s logo and livery.

Munoz stated the new design will be an “evolution, not a revolution”. The update will include colors from the carrier’s new palette, and planes will be refashioned as they come into service. The last “real United livery” was the 2004 Tulip four-tone blue design, which ironically was newer than the 1991 Continental globe livery that replaced it.

Not only the livery will get an update: back in January, United Airlines also revealed details of their new employee uniforms.


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