15 passengers and crew members became unwell; United Airlines flight UA71 returns to Amsterdam


This afternoon United Airlines flight UA71 from Amsterdam Schiphol to Newark (New York) Airport returned to Amsterdam because seven passengers and eight crew members became unwell.

According to a “Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland” spokesperson, there was a problem with the oxygen supply due to the unknown cause. The spokesman could not confirm that the pilots became unwell too. The ill passengers and crew members were examined on the spot.

The Boeing 767-322 (N644UA) left Schiphol at 10:38 am and was already flying above the Atlantic when it had to return to Schiphol at 14:57.

According to an airport spokesperson, the aircraft made a hard landing: “A small fire broke out in the landing gear, this was immediately extinguished by the emergency services. Due to the hard touchdown the aircraft suffered from a flat tire.

Stranded passengers are rebooked by the airline to another flight or are accommodated in a hotel.

The Dutch Safety Board has launched an investigation on the incident.



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