Ukrainian Government imposes travel restrictions; Ukrainian International Airlines suspends flights for the next two weeks


Following the decision of the Government of Ukraine in suspending international air traffic, and travel restrictions imposed on Ukrainians and all international travelers.

Ukraine International is complying with the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the statement of the President of Ukraine regarding the air services ban and specific travel procedures applied to all Ukrainian and international travelers. Currently, the airline is waiting on more detailed information from the government’s decision containing restrictions imposed to counter the spread of Covid-19 in Ukraine.

According to the statement of the President of Ukraine, on the night of March 16 and 17, Ukraine will ban all scheduled passenger air services. Our passengers – Ukrainians who are currently abroad – must get back home until 00:00 a.m. March 17, 2020, using all means of transport available. The citizens of Ukraine and foreigners with permanent or temporary residency permits may return to Ukraine on Ukraine international’s flights operated until 11:59 p.m. March 16.

Charter flights scheduled on March 16 and onwards will be operated solely to get the tourists back to Ukraine.

The citizens of Ukraine who will not be able to return home on March 15 and 16 must contact Ukraine’s consular agencies abroad. According to the statement of the President of Ukraine, the government will organize several special non-scheduled flights to bring Ukrainian citizens home. Ukraine International assures it will provide the state authorities with maximum support in the matter.

Ukraine International forewarns that the number of free seats on the airline’s scheduled flights on March 15 and 16 is limited. Therefore, the carrier asks your understanding as we are working with limited capacities over the period of force-majeure.

Within the next 48 hours, Ukraine International expects to operate several additional scheduled flights to bring the citizens back to Ukraine. The carrier will operate an additional Kyiv – London – Kyiv & Kyiv – Vienna – Kyiv flights in the evening on March 14, increase the capacity of the Kyiv – Tel-Aviv – Kyiv flight (scheduled to be operated on Boeing-777 aircraft), and plans to operate an additional flight to Paris.

During this difficult time, Ukraine International is committed to supporting Ukrainians in getting them back home and carrying as many passengers as permitted by the aircraft configuration. To further extend the aircraft capacity, most flights will be operated in full economy cabin configuration.

Currently, Ukraine International is processing passenger handling algorithms to minimize inconvenience and resume operations as usual as soon as the quarantine measures are lifted.

Shortly, passengers of canceled flights will be able to find the re-ticketing guidelines on the airline’s website The schedule of the resumed flights will available as soon as the ban on air services is lifted.

During the two week ban Ukraine International will be working with the government to reassess the situation and work to resuming normal operations as quickly as possible.

Ukraine International recommends passengers to keep themselves updated on the situation using the information on the airline’s website and social media accounts.

Ukraine International apologizes for any delay in processing passenger requests since the number of inquiries has increased exponentially. However, the carrier assures each request will be processed and each passenger will be handled as quickly as possible and provided with relevant feedback.


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