UIA is the first airline in the world to offer its passengers choose their fellow travellers



Due to Ukraine International Airlines and NextTo internet platform partnership effective August 7, UIA passengers how have a chance to travel even more comfortably choosing their fellow travellers. Beyond that, NextTo offers its users the following options:

check-in on UIA flights via mobile devices;
receive information about departure and arrival time, flight delays and cancellations;
communicate with relatives, friends, real and potential fellow travellers via NextTo social network;
search and plan local and international routes;
see other NextTo users on your flight or in the city you travel to.
In order to get the benefits of UIA and NextTo joint project, it is necessary to sign in on www.nextto.com website or download mobile apps available for iOS and Android. UIA passengers can use this service for free.

“Nowadays people travel around the world like never before – we live in the age of global movement, which implies substantial time, financial and emotional investments – noted Evgeniya Satska, UIA Corporate Press Secretary. – It’s only logical, that while investing into travelling, we expect a certain level of comfort – both physical and psychological, which depends a lot on who is travelling next to you. It used to be a kind of a lottery, but now, due to the launch of NextTo social network for tourists, passengers can choose fellow travellers on their own. This is not just a new level of comfort. It allows to spend travelling time more efficiently – communicating with interesting people, making new connections and learning about the world. UIA is the first airline in the world to take part in such an interesting and useful project”.

Mobile check-in on UIA flights is currently available for NextTo users, as well as choosing fellow travellers who are on the same flight or in the same place – hotel, landmark, location, etc. NextTo is using a global flights’ database and works for almost all regular flights in the world, thus allowing to find companions in any part of the world.

Software is being continuously developed and improved: its functionality will significantly expand in the nearest future.


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