Early reopening of the Lille / Strasbourg route: Twin Jet replaces Hop!


Lille / Strasbourg: Twin Jet replaces HOP! from February 27, 2019

As an evidence that Twin Jet is always listening to its market, the company announces the resumption of flights between Lille and Strasbourg from Wednesday, February 27, 2019, in order to ensure continuous service between the two cities.

Vincent Courtois, head of the development of the scheduled routes, underlines that “the contracts signed with the local companies allowed us to anticipate this reopening of the route, allowing current users to retain the benefit of this service.”

Guillaume Collinot, General Manager of Twin Jet, reports: “On the other hand, the opening of a future route between Lille and Clermont-Ferrand is still under discussion and should end as soon as the latest agreements are formalised! ”

And Olivier Manaut, Chairman of the Group, said: “Also from Strasbourg, the company has identified other routes that we could exploit, but it is still too early to reveal which ones. The company has planned to deploy 3 planes in total on these 2 bases, the first arriving in Lille in February! Our base in eastern France will therefore continue, and the new Lille base will also become a technical stop for our company in the North of France. The flight schedules are particularly adapted to the needs of business travellers allowing them to make a round trip on the day“.

Twin Jet operates a fleet of 12 Beechcraft 1900D and offers prices starting from 109 €, all taxes included, to 15 destinations in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland : Le Puy-en-Velay, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Mende, Metz-Nancy, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Pau, Paris Orly, Zurich, Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen, Milan Malpensa. Twin Jet is a partner of FlyingBlue, the loyalty programme of the Air France – KLM group. Passengers will be able to earn miles on their loyalty card.


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