Lufthansa Consulting helps sorting out Turkmenistan Airlines’ EU ban


Turkmenistan’s national airline Turkmenistan Airlines has commissioned Lufthansa Consulting to help them to raise their performance in terms of the Third Country Operators (TCO) EU Safety Authorizations for foreign air operators – EASA TCO. The airline recently experienced difficulties in satisfying relevant European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements and is taking matters in this regard very seriously.

Early February, the EASA had suspended Turkmenistan Airlines’ flights to and from the EU with immediate effect “pending confirmation that it meets international air safety standards“. The decision left thousands of passengers stranded, ACMI operator Wamos came to the rescue to operate some flights to EU countries.

Turkmenistan Airlines is aware of the need for immediate action and has therefore decided to cooperate with the German aviation experts to review the existing situation and develop a corrective action plan,” the airline said.

Lufthansa Consulting has extensive experience and competence in the aviation industry, not least with the issues of flight safety. In this project, the consultants will evaluate the current status within the airline towards EASA requirements. Furthermore, they will develop an overall customized and effective action scheme in line with the analyzed EASA TCO requirements and findings,” the airline wrote in a statement.

EU bans Turkmenistan Airlines, leaving thousands of passengers stranded


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