Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 to Kabul diverts to Trabzon due to cracked cockpit window


The pilots of a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 registered TC-JNO made an emergency landing at the Turkish airport of Trabzon on the Black Sea on February 6 after a cockpit windshield was cracked.

The aeroplane operating flight TK706 took off from Istanbul (IST) to the Afghan capital Kabul (KBL) at 00:45 (10 minutes late) with 16 crew and 239 passengers on board.

The window cracked while the aircraft was flying over Turkmenistan. The pilots decided to return to Turkey and landed the plane at Trabzon Airport (TZX) at around 06:20.

Afghanistan Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Edris Zaman was among the passengers, local media reported. No injuries were reported.

Turkish Airlines sent another plane (Airbus A330 registered TC-JNI), which resumed the flight and reached Kabul as flight TK-97E with a delay of 16 hours, while the window of the Airbus A330-300 was being repaired. The occurrence aircraft positioned from Trabzon to Istanbul about 27 hours after landing but has not yet resumed service about 42 hours after landing.

Turkish Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Trabzon due to broken window

Source: Hürryet Daily News and own research



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