Baby born in mid-air on Turkish Airlines flight TK538 to Istanbul


This Friday Diaby Nafi from France successfully gave birth mid-flight on a Turkish Airlines flight TK538 from Conakry to Istanbul via Ouagadougou. She was assisted by the trained cabin crew. The baby girl was named “Kadiju”.

“The mother gave birth while standing, we received help from several other passengers,” Bouthayna ?nan?r, one of the flight attendants who helped in the delivery, said, adding the cabin crew chief cried with overjoy after the delivery.

The pilot conducted an emergency landing in Burkina Faso’s Ouagadougou so the mother and newborn could receive medical attention before continuing on to Istanbul. Both are reported to be in good health and under medical supervision.

The aircraft was a 5 year old Boeing 737-900ER named Denizli.

Passengers and flight attendants took pictures with the baby and widely shared on social media.


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