TUI flight Miami-Brussels cancelled due to technical failure of aircraft: 275 passengers stranded since Saturday


TUI fly Belgium flight TB623 from Brussels to Miami to Saturday, April 14, had to return to Brussels after one hour of flight due to a technical failure on the plane, a Boeing 767-300ER registered OO-JNL. Urgent and unforeseen maintenance was necessary.

A relief aircraft, an Airbus A330-200 registered G-VYGM operated by Air Tanker, took the passengers to Miami the next day.

Safety prevails at TUI, hence this regrettable delay,” said TUI spokesman Piet Demeyere to Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. As a result, 275 passengers are stranded in Miami. The passengers are accommodated at a hotel and are offered meals.

Due to crew rest legislation, the flight could not immediately leave again after arriving in Miami. The 275 passengers will depart from Miami tomorrow (Monday) around 11:00 local time and arrive in Brussels around 01:55 on Tuesday.



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