On 2 May 2018, TUI fly Belgium’s OO-JAY suffered a tailstrike on landing at Marrakesh airport

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On 2 May 2018 a TUI fly Belgium Boeing 737-800 (OO-JAY) performing flight TB3640 from Brest (France) to Marrakesh (Morocco), landed on Marrakesh’s runway 10 at 12:18 (UTC) but struck its tail onto the runway surface on touchdown. The aircraft rolled out without further incident and taxied to the apron. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial structural damage however. The aircraft was unable to depart for its return flight and is currently still on the ground in Marrakesh 20 days later…

Source Avherald: TUI Belgium B738 at Marrakesh on May 2nd 2018, tail strike on landing.

During the month of May Air Belgium, the new Belgian airline that -at that time- was still waiting for its Russian overflight permit, operated relief flights for TUI fly Belgium:

14 May 2018 Tenerife (TFS) Brussels (BRU) TB1214
14 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Tenerife (TFS) TB1213
13 May 2018 Agadir (AGA) Brussels (BRU) TB7752
13 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Agadir (AGA) TB7751
12 May 2018 Rhodes (RHO) Brussels (BRU) TB6568
12 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Rhodes (RHO) TB6567
12 May 2018 Alicante (ALC) Brussels (BRU) TB6712
12 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Alicante (ALC) TB6711
11 May 2018 Agadir (AGA) Brussels (BRU) TB5412
11 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Agadir (AGA) TB5411
11 May 2018 Valencia (VLC) Brussels (BRU) TB5316
11 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Valencia (VLC) TB5315
10 May 2018 Alicante (ALC) Brussels (BRU) TB4158
10 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Alicante (ALC) TB4157
07 May 2018 Chania (CHQ) Brussels (BRU) TB1324
07 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Chania (CHQ) TB1323
07 May 2018 Malaga (AGP) Brussels (BRU) TB1854
07 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Malaga (AGP) TB1853
06 May 2018 Marrakesh (RAK) Brussels (BRU) TB7664
06 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Marrakesh (RAK) TB7663
06 May 2018 Chania (CHQ) Brussels (BRU) TB7324
06 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Chania (CHQ) TB7323
04 May 2018 Agadir (AGA) Brussels (BRU) TB5412
04 May 2018 Brussels (BRU) Agadir (AGA) TB5411
04 May 2018 Malaga (AGP) Liege (LGG) TB5894
04 May 2018 Liege (LGG) Malaga (AGP) TB5893

Note: this list might be incomplete, based on information from our plane spotting forums.

© Ivan Coninx


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