TUI is negotiating further state aid in exchange for hard cuts in its airlines


In early April, TUI received a loan of EUR 1.8 billion which might not be sufficient

The ailing German tour operator TUI held talks in Berlin about two weeks ago about a possible new financial aid of about EUR 1.2 billion from the Economic Stabilisation Fund (WSF), a financial tool set up the German federal government to mitigate the effects of the corona pandemic on the economy.

In early April, the state-owned KfW bank had already granted TUI a loan of 1.8 billion euros. To reduce costs, TUI is now planning hard cuts in its airlines. “There will be a change in the fleet structure at TUI fly, unfortunately, this will also have an impact on employment,” said TUI Germany boss Marek Andryszak to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

TUI fly Germany currently operates a fleet of 35 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and intended to grow to 39 planes, but this goal was not reached because of the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX jets, ordered in large numbers by the Group.

The corona pandemic has also a restrictive effect on the fleet, and thus on employment. Management expects the Boeing 737-800 fleet to be halved. TUI fly Germany has around 2000 employees, among which 1400 pilots.

Plans for a return to long-haul flights from Düsseldorf with two Boeing 787 Dreamliners have been postponed. Additional pressure arises with the end of an agreement with Eurowings by which TUI leases aircraft to the Lufthansa subsidiary.

The TUI Group also operates airlines in other European countries, in which cuts could also be imminent. To reduce the total fleet of 150 planes, the company can take advantage of a recently announced agreement with Boeing by which TUI can extend part of its outstanding order for 61 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft over a longer period than originally planned. Since older aircraft are scheduled to leave the fleet at the same time, the airlines are shrinking as a result. The agreement is part of the compensation for financial damage from 737 MAX grounding, which also provides for cash payments and credits for future TUI orders.

Yesterday, at a press conference, TUI Western Region Managing Director Gunther Hofman said that TUI fly Belgium did not request state aid from the Belgian government, as it could count on the German group to provide funds when needed.

Source: F.A.Z.


  1. I wish that TUI would pay us that we are owed which to us,as pensioners is over£3,00.00 plus the deposit we paid, we have tried phoning and sent them emails to no avail.

  2. I wish that TUI would pay us the money that is owed to us,as we are both pensioners, TUI owe us over£3,00.00 including the deposit,we have tried phoning and sent them emails to no avail.

  3. I wish Tui would pay us the money they owe us for two holidays which were cancelled April and May as we are pensioners also

  4. Why are tui telling customers to pay in full when it would be easier just to pay deposits back

  5. We are owed £3300.00 for holiday we paid for but never got to go it was for my 60th birthday had nothing from tui about a refund for holiday which we should have flown on the 7th May. I find it annoying that an company can do this and would like a response to this and a full refund ASAP.

  6. We were on the phone for two hours on Friday getting through to TUI.we now have all our money back for two holidays.

  7. We should have flown on the 2 June tryed 85 times to phone can’t get through want my money back. My holiday was payed in full at the begin of March. Can’t believe I’ve heard nothing from them a courtesy call would be appreciated. Feel like taking them to court very angry

  8. I am in the same circumstances as Gary above, we were to fly on 6th May but after waiting for credit note code to no avail, we are still waiting to get a full refund. Considering I am classed as high risk I will not be traveling this or next year so can TUI just do what supposed to be our legal right and give us our refund. We have tried and contacting TUI and have recorded messages to be patient but for how long. I feel sorry for the owner who had to cut his salary from £40 million to £4 million a year.

  9. Yes I have also tried for weeks to contact tui by and email my daughter also has tried but no response it, s a lot of money we have forked out and I’m patience starting to loose it now getting beyond a joke I’m also thinking of taking things further if I don’t here anything soon.

  10. We should have flown on 2nd June and have only had two emails about refunds. We too are pensioners and want our money back in full NOT refund credits. It’s not good enough especially when you can’t contact anybody. We were told in one of the emails that more staff were being enrolled but not noticed any improvement in the situation .

  11. Everyone saying they cawant there money back remember it’s the government that grounded you not the tour operator. Its very frustrating and I know some people may need that money urgently but you must remember the uk government forced them to close and work from home. Tui like most over tour operators didn’t have the infrastructure to work from home so refunds and their ability to contact people are massively under pressure. 5 million people travel with tui in the UK alone and at the height of lock down was receiving 80000 calls a day. Everyone must be patient these are unprecedented times and every yone will eventually get their money back I’m sure. I’m sat here praying my holiday with tui 16th of July can go ahead.

  12. Same boat as everyone else. Was told to contact TUI, that’s s joke in itself. I suppose at least you don’t have to wait in a queue, when you’re told ‘they are very busy, please call trying later’, then the line goes dead!

  13. We were due to fly on 20th may. No emails or refund voucher. Tried ringing same as others and just get hung up on telling us to try later. We booked in store. Our son who booked on line for same holiday has had his money back for at least 3 weeks now, we have heard nothing.

  14. Give the company a chance
    We was due to fly to mexico for 3 weeks on the 10th may it was a suprise for my husbands 60th
    Took a year to plan and save
    But unfortunately due to the current situation it obviously didnt happen
    There obviously on limited staff but are trying there best to get refunds out
    I’m a key worker and instead of lying on the white sands of mexico I went bk
    Of course it would be nice for them to just press a button and refund us all
    But remember there are other tour operators in the same situation
    I’ve a holiday booked and payed for in September to ibiza I’m hoping its cancelled as I certainly dont want to spend 2 weeks following guidelines, it wouldnt be a holiday
    I’ll probably transfer it until next year
    No I don’t have money to just throw away I work my butt off for pittance and look forward to my well earned holidays
    But health comes 1st
    I hope Tui get it all sorted soon for us all

  15. We were due to go on holidays on 2nd June. So disappointing no contact from Tui. Have spent days trying to get through to Tui on the phone. So disappointed having booked with them for 25 years. I know its unprecedented circumstances but utilise staff to contact us.

  16. I rang Tui twice put the phone down on 1st occasion after half an hour.2nd time I got through after 40 minutes I could hear the advisor but he kept repeating anyone there is anyone there ….then he cut me off…i was so annoyed..there was not a problem on the line…I just want my refund!!!!! They don’t deserve to stay in business if they treat customers like this..!!! I would not recommend anyone use them!!

  17. We were supposed to be in Austria from 30th of May for a weeks holiday. I paid for the holiday in full on 27th January and I have tried to contact TUI loads of times but no response from them. To me they are just not interested in paying me my money back as they cancelled my holiday. So I will no longer be travelling with this company. As their customer care is non existent.

  18. I was due to go on a river cruise end of March and got refund on trips cost just 2 weeks ago. I rebooked my holiday for an Aegan cruise in Sept just sitting waiting to see what happens wish I had asked f or a full refund originally.

  19. Also pensioners booked and paid in full,,cancelled and accepted loosing deposit as they sent us an Enail 17th March saying balance would be repaid immediately. .Nothing received,numerous phone calls, have travelled with Tui 3 times previously but NEVER AGAIN, ,,Zero customer service !!!!

  20. Please pay my money back for cruise 5th may £3800 which was cancelled It is now 4 weeks haven’t heard a thing can’t get through to anyone it is a joke

  21. Why are tui trying to claim deposit from holiday we booked on line and didn’t pay a deposit all we want to do is transfer our holiday to next year but getting told we will lose 1000 pound off what we have already paid then pay another 50 pound per person to transfer the holiday to next year left on hold for 20 minutes to be told that a manager or supervisor isn’t available to to talk or isn’t qualified to talk on the phone

  22. why are we having to wait so long for our cash refunds ,we were supposed to be on holiday in the Algarve booked this holiday last year as my retirement treat with my husband , sorry I ever done it ,can’t get in touch with anyone so disappointed with tui ,so many people in the same position as I am shame on you for your treatment of your customers ,you talk about new planes I rest my case .

  23. we have not even been told our holiday was cancelled we were supposed to go on the 11th of may, we would like our money back please after booking holidays with you 3 or 4 times a year for years we will not be using you again after being treated like this if this is how you look after customers

  24. We should have been going on holiday on th 5th May 2020 only been told that the holiday was cancelled on the 19th April. Still no information about a refund.

  25. Seems everyone is in the same boat. We were due to fly out on 3rd of may spent many hours trying to get refund system seems to be set up has delay tactics. Do not want refund credit just our money back. According to TUI you should get notification 4 weeks after your flight date for your credit code I await to see if this happens. Again I expect delays. Doesn’t help me with all these delays when the money is mine, and that I have now been told I’m to lose my job

  26. I had a family holiday booked in April a one off trip to celebrate my husbands 70th birthday .Tui have £13,000 of our money. All ive had from them is a cancellation email.
    I spent 2 1/2 hrs on the phone last week I spoke to 2 employees only to be given another phone number each time. Its very frustrating, I could really do with the money in these difficult times.

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